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Set amid the rolling hills of Prince William County, Virginia, Triangle is a unique suburb of Washington, D.C., Located between Winchester, VA, and Quantico, VA. The triangle is just south of the watershed line. The area is known for its historic charm, small-town atmosphere, picturesque landscape, and easy access to city comforts. Spanning just 6.5 square miles, this unincorporated town is a popular destination for city-dwellers seeking a tranquil escape. Learn information about  Woodbridge, VA.

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The Triangle area is known for its unique topography, with rolling hills and scenic views of the Potomac River. The area comprises a mixture of open fields, woodlands, and wetlands, giving it a unique setting among northern Virginia suburbs. There are numerous recreational opportunities in the Triangle area, from hiking and camping in the Demopolis Wilderness to fishing in the Occoquan River. Aside from its natural attractions, Triangle also boasts several parks and trails, including Silver Lake Park, Triangle Park, and Tri-State Park. Triangle is a popular destination for weekend adventurers with its miles of trails, tree-lined streets, and peaceful surroundings. Most homes in Triangle are single-family dwellings, but several apartment complexes and condominiums exist in the area. With a population of just over 8,000, Triangle is a close-knit community often called a “small town.” Most residents work in the D.C. metropolitan area, but many call Triangle home for its small-town atmosphere and relative affordability. Discover facts about Manassas, VA.